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Conversational Assistant

Outsource your conversations to a specialized team of AI Assistants trained by your own data.

Omni-Channel Conversation

SWAI goes beyond traditional marketing platforms by offering a comprehensive suite of integrations that enable you to engage with your customers across multiple channels. With our advanced omni-channel conversation methods, you can reach your audience wherever they are, ensuring a consistent and personalised experience across various touchpoints.

Text & SMS

Website Chat Widget

Facebook & Messenger


WhatsApp Business

Content Assistant

Enhance your content marketing efforts with an assistant that can generate and curate compelling content, ensuring your audience is engaged and informed.

Make this content more Formal Informal Humorous Serious Optimistic Motivational Respectful Assertive Conversational

The cat sat on the mat.

The feline rested on
the woven floor covering.
The cat was chilling
on the rug.
The cat was totally
pigging out on the mat.
The cat was in a state
of deep meditation 
on the mat.
The cat was looking
forward to a long
day of napping on
the mat.
The cat was inspired
to reach new heights
of laziness on
the mat.
The cat was mindful of
the mat's delicate fibres
as it settled down.
The cat demanded
that the mat be moved
to a more
comfortable location.
So, the cat was
sitting on the mat,
ya know?

Let's See the Magic

Find how AI can create SEO-optimised content dynamically!

Write down the following paragraph, and refresh the page! The content is not the same and is optimised by your interactions with it.

1-Click integration with

Yet, It's not finished

SWAI LabsBeta

With SWAI Labs, you have the flexibility to create a flow that aligns with your campaign objectives. You can easily add multiple types of assistants to a single campaign, orchestrating a cohesive and seamless customer journey.

Auto Optimisation

With advanced machine learning algorithms, SWAI analyses vast amounts of data from customer interactions, feedback, and campaign performance. It then leverages this information to continuously learn and optimise your marketing efforts, ensuring maximum effectiveness and ROI.

You are in front and center

SWAI also gives you the flexibility to provide supervision and guidance. You can review and fine-tune the AI’s suggestions, ensuring that the system aligns with your brand’s unique voice and objectives. This collaborative approach empowers you to have ultimate control over your campaigns while benefiting from the efficiency and insights of AI automation.


Like no one else

By combining the power of AI-driven learning and your expert touch, SWAI enables you to achieve marketing excellence with minimal effort. Let the system analyse, adapt, and optimise your campaigns automatically, or step in to provide the final polish. The choice is fully yours.


Like no other place

SWAI Campaign Monitor goes beyond surface-level analytics by providing you with deep and actionable insights that fuel your marketing strategy. With our comprehensive suite of analytics tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience, campaign performance, and overall marketing impact.


Like no other time

Utilise SWAI’s intuitive interface to schedule the AI assistants based on your desired customer journey flow. Set start and stop triggers for each assistant to determine when they should engage with customers. For example, you can schedule the Sales Assistant to engage at the beginning of the customer journey, while the Lead Nurturing Assistant takes over in the middle stages.


Like no other scale

SWAI allows you to create personalised customer journeys on a large scale. By leveraging AI assistants, you can deliver tailored experiences to each individual, ensuring they receive relevant information and offers that resonate with their needs and preferences.

Design with Confidence

Streamline your customer journey design process with the Interactive In-App Assistant from SWAI. Seamlessly navigate through the creation of flows, triggers, and overall journey optimisation. Harnessing the power of AI-driven marketing knowledge, our assistant offers expert recommendations and suggestions tailored to your unique needs, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out.

Our Pricing



Assistant Types

  • Customer service
  • Sales Assistant


Available on

  • Website chat widget



  • AI Training Portal
  • Unlimited Actions
  • Unlimited Links



  • FREE 10,000 tokens (!Extra 10,000 token available at $0.5)

Brands, Creators, & Startups

$29/ Assistant

Assistant Types

  • Customer service
  • Sales Assistant
  • Nurturing Assistant
  • Lead gen Ai
  • Reselling Assistant


Available on

  • Website chat widget
  • Missed Call Ai text-back
  • Instagram DM
  • FB Messenger
  • SMS
  • Phone call (coming soon)



  • AI Training Portal
  • Ai FAQs upload & Fine tuning
  • Unlimited Actions
  • Unlimited Links


  • FREE 100,000 tokens (!Extra 100,000 token available at $3)

Whitelabel for Agencies

$97/ Up to 3 Customers

Assistant Types

  • All assistant types


Available on

  • Website chat widget
  • Missed Call Ai text-back
  • Instagram DM
  • FB Messenger
  • SMS
  • Phone (coming soon)



  • Whitelabel Support
  • Whitelabel Helpdesk



  • FREE 100,000 tokens (!Extra 100,000 token available at $3)

SWAI for Enterprise

  • Done-For-You Ai powered customer engagement journey

  • Tailored Ai training

  • Staff Training

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